The Very Vierkant Story

What I Do

Thank you for visiting my website and checking out my work. I’m a Belgium based artist painting colorful canvases, making framed original works of art, and creating custom art objects. All of my work is on demand and tailor made, especially for you, the art lover looking for a centrepiece.

What Inspires Me

My work is inspired by abstract contemporary art, graffiti and colorful patterns spotted in everyday life. Art for me is a getaway to experiment. Brightening up an empty wall or a room in someone’s house makes both the artist and buyer feel awesome. Besides of that, I find that abstract art is a way to do what has not been done before. It lets you experiment with different techniques, without being bound to realism. Since the camera and Photoshop have been invented, the world does not need another artist trying to be a copy machine of reality. The world needs art that turns heads and catches eyeballs. That's exactly what I make.

Where It Comes From

I have been drawing since I was about 6 years old and have never stopped doing it troughout my life. When 2020 started, I made myself a promise to get serious about my art. My journey of being an established artist is still ongoing. I have waited way too long to do something with this gift and I am more than happy to use it to make things you love.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


- Very Vierkant